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ROFL FOREVER @Leighton Meester


If a smile was water,
I'd give you the ocean.                                         If a kiss was a drop,
I'd give you the rain.
If love was a person,
I'd give myself to you.

Never thought I'd say this but...

Keffy. It's happening!! o_O



Ok, what is so bad about Kat's new look??! I think she looks hot and now we share the same hair color-ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't you?

Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you

Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

SERIOUSLY?!?! Lj's joined the freakin dark side as well??? I mean, ok, Taylor Lautner is kinda on the hawt side. BUT, all 4 twilight books r repetitive AS HELL!! Bella whines, Edward "wants to bbut cant b w/ Bella cause he'll put her in danger n bla bla bla", poor Jacob is just written in to hav a love triangle storyline.
Havent read the book, but i am reading Dan Bergstein's awsome blog n it's like a gazillion times better than the book is, im sure. Srsly, like, i couldnt even bare to finish 10 pages of twilight, tried several times but it just doesnt have that zing to it that makes u wanna turn the page.

All in all, dont waste ur money, download an illegal torrent off the web mayb, but dont waste valuable cash.
Ok, so, like i said, probably EVERYONE figured this out already but...u know the sex scene in the woods (with the blonde? at about 1:50?) in the trailer? I'm 99% sure that's Emily and Naomi...cause go to the skins website (the e4 one), scroll down a bit then u see the pic of Luke, Lily, Kat n Meg looking at an apple notebook? See ANY resemblance (ok, I'll just tell u. LOOK AT THEIR TIGHTS!!! IT IS SOOOO THE SAME ONE IN THAT SCENE!!!!!!!)???? AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT???
Also, the sex scenes in between the (very very adorable i might add) naomily hallway kiss?ALSO Naomily's!!!!!!!!!!! I could tell from...their nail polish!!! Emily' is pink and Naomi's is blue...(YES, I DID RE-WATCH EP 9 SO MANY TIMES THAT I REMEMBERED!).

NOW I'm just gonna go over there n die a little bit...cause if THAT's just the trailer....*thud*

Who WOULD i marry? hmmmm

Still bored so...
1. If you could talk talk to only one of the girls, who would it be, Lily, Kaya, Kat, Megan or Lisa? Why?
Ooohhh, tough one...errrm, Kat? JUST, cause her accent!!!

2) Would you rahter marry Kaya or sleep with Meg? Why?
Marry Kaya, cause u can't sleep with the Pope!!

3)Pick 4 items in your room you'd save if there was a fire.
1.all my money! (conveniently stored in 1 place)
2.My phone charger
3.My 'Mongolian' slippers (there's only 1 pair in the whole entire world)
4.My year 7 jumper

4)Which celebrity would you date, why? Errr, either Kat or prince William. Both hot, both Brit. One has 14 piercings!! 14!! HOT! And the other...well, international blue blood hearthrob, i dont think explanation's necessary?

5)You have to go on a desert island for a year and you can bring someone with you, who would that be?
Kat!!!! IN.A.SECOND!! Ppl tend to really bond after things like that...

Questions r from keepix3

Who wants ze 5 questions?? I'd like to think Im pretty creative...



So, I'm bored ok? So, some questions from allmakebelieve8

1. What do you think is the sexiest accent? EASY AS! Brittish accent, preferably London

2. Which would you rather, BFF's with Meg Prescott or one night with Kat? Oohhhh, one night w/ Kat...*drool* tempting, very very tempting...BUT if I were BFF w/ the Pope then mayb I can work Kat from the inside...

3. Who's your biggest celebrity crush? Kat Prescott! Without a doubt!

4. Which famous person would you most like to date and why? Ooohhh, um...geee, prince William?? Cause he's hot and a blue blood! DUH!!

5. If you could be a cast member in either Skins or Gossip Girl which would you chose? Gossip girl. ONLY cause I woudn't wanna leave after 2 years!!!!!

Also, show of hands who here has read any of my fics on ff.net? Cause I pretty much nvr post anything here on LJ anymore


Another quote I came up with...

So yeah, a pretty good pal of mine inspired this (well, her and her BOYFRIEND anyways).
It's sarcasm btw, although feel free to use it in a non-sarcastic way :)

You're like the air I breathe, the food that fills my stomach, the water that cools my throat. I can't live without you.

Bit (or a HUGE) drama queen is what that girl is half the time. The other half she's pretty cool though :D

Maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
Im thinking two, is better than one

I have not been able to get that unstuck from my head since the first time I heard that song. Awsome (and pretty sweet too)